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Abstract #2663

Properties optimization of pads configurations on CST to minimize B1+ field inhomogeneities at 7T in the temporal lobes and cerebellum

Zo Raolison1, Marc Dubois2, Luisa Neves2, Stefan Enoch2, Nicolas Malléjac3, Pierre Sabouroux2, Anne-Lise Adenot-Engelvin3, Alexandre Vignaud1, and Redha Abdeddaïm2

1CEA-Neurospin, Paris, France, 2Institut Fresnel, Marseille, France, 3CEA-Le Ripault, Monts, France

A simple and efficient way to enhance the B1+ field dark areas appearing in the temporal lobes and cerebellum at 7T in MRI is to use pads with relative High-Dielectric Constant materials. We present here simulations of different pads configurations aiming to reduce those dark areas. It has been found that the educated guess consisting in using a three pads configuration localized in front of each area is less efficient than two pads above the ears for the temporal lobes or a single pad on the neck for the cerebellum.

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