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Estimating highly-accurate velocity maps from FVE MRI data using a PDE-constrained optimization

Vinicius Carvalho Rispoli1,2, Joao Luiz Azevedo Carvalho3, Cristiano Jacques Miosso2, Fabiano Araujo Soares2, Giordanno Bruno Borges1, and Ivan Rosa Siqueira4

1Department of Mathematics, University of Brasilia, Brasilia, Brazil, 2Engineering Faculty at Gama, University of Brasilia, Brasilia, Brazil, 3Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Brasilia, Brasilia, Brazil, 4Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Rice University, Houston, TX, United States

Fourier velocity encoding (FVE) is a technique capable of delivering clinically treatable data at short acquisition times. FVE resolves the velocity distribution in each voxel of the image with high signal-to-noise ratio. This makes it suitable for the calculation of relevant biomarkers (e.g. wall shear rate and oscillatory shear index). However, it does not provide the blood flow velocity field directly. Techniques to estimate the actual blood flow from FVE velocity distributions have been previously presented. In this work, we present a novel method for velocity map estimation based on a PDE-constrained optimization that provides better results than previous methods.

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