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Abstract #3521

Optimal Partial Fourier MRI reconstruction: Homodyne vs POCS

Venkata Suryanarayana kadimesetty1 and Harsh kumar Agarwal 1

1Health and Medical Equipment, Samsung R&D Institute India Bangalore Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India

Partial Fourier MRI (PF-MRI) is a common fast MRI technique to reduce the scan time. While POCS PF-MRI is known to produce MRI images with least amount of RMSE error, homodyne PF-MRI is popularly used in clinical practice. In this abstract we did digital phantom experiments to show that for smoothly varying phase, such as for FSE, POCS localises the error while an over-/under-estimation in image intensity is observed for Homodyne PF-MRI technique. However for fast varying phase such as for GRE, error is localised for Homodyne compared to POCS PF-MRI technique.

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