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Design of Focused Radio Frequency Heating Array Coils for Non-Invasive Hyperthermia with Ultra-High Field MRI

Joshua de Bever1,2, Mihir Pendse1,2, and Brian K Rutt1,2

1Department of Radiology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, United States, 2Radiological Sciences Laboratory, Stanford, CA, United States

This abstract details the implementation of an automated pipeline for designing high channel count RF coils for the purpose of non-invasive Focused RF hyperthermia generated from Ultra-high field MRI parallel transmit coils. The pipeline integrates multiple tools including Sim4Life for EM-FDTD simulations in the Virtual Population physiologically realistic body models, Advanced Design Systems circuit simulator, and Matlab for custom algorithm execution. This work leverages GPU acceleration which has reduced simulation times for an 84 channel RF coil from 77 days on a CPU to 6 hours on three compute nodes equipped with 14 affordable GPUs.

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