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Abstract #4514

Assessment of neural correlates of cortical communication of Alpha/Gamma bands between frontal and parietal-occipital regions in Situational Awareness task as well as in resting-state: An EEG informed fMRI approach

Ardaman Kaur1, Vijayakumar C1, Swati Agrawal1, Subash Khushu1, Rishu Chaujar2, and Suresh Sharma2

1Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Research Center, Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Allied Sciences,Defence Research and Development Organisation, Delhi, India, 2Applied Physics, Delhi Technological University, Delhi, India

Cross frequency coupling of Alpha/Gamma oscillations between frontal and parietal-occipital cortex coordinates neuronal communication at higher frequency which often correlates with higher-order cognitions. The dynamics of cross frequency coupling and neuronal communication is often modulated by higher-order cognition tasks while comparing resting-state. The neural correlates and modulation of these cortical communication caused by reciprocal relationship of alpha/gamma band between frontal and parietal-occipital regions are poorly understood. Hence in this study, cortical functional correlation of alpha/gamma oscillation between frontal and parietal-occipital region for higher-order cognitive task such as Situational Awareness is assessed and its modulation from resting-state has been explored.

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