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Abstract #0366

Measuring layer-dependent CBV fMRI in the visual system

Laurentius Huber1, Elisha Merriam1, Insub Kim2, Yuhui Chai1, Sriranga Kashyap3, Jonathan Polimeni4, Zvi Roth1, Won Mok Shim2, Seong-Gi Kim2, Dimo Ivanov3, Benedikt Poser3, and Peter Bandettini1

1NIH, Bethesda, MD, United States, 2IBS Center, Sungkyunkwan, Korea, Republic of, 3MBIC, Maastricht University, Maastricht, Netherlands, 4MGH, Boston, MA, United States

With recent developments of ultra-high field MRI and high-resolution CBV-sensitive VASO sequences, it became possible to measure activity changes across cortical depths in brain areas of large cortical thicknesses (4mm in M1). Applications of layer-dependent CBV-fMRI in the visual cortex, however, have been complicated by long arterial-arrival-times, coverage requirements, and lower cortical thickness (1.9mm). Here, we developed new sequence setups for layer-dependent acquisition of CBV changes during tasks and resting-state. We find that the proposed large-coverage VASO protocols with 0.8mm (iso) resolutions can pinpoint feedforward and feedback input into V1 from LGN and V5 during tasks and resting-state.

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