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Abstract #0454

3D MR Velocimetry of Very Slow Flows

Magdoom Kulam Najmudeen1,2, Ahmad Zeinomar2, Russell R Lonser3, Malisa Sarntinoranont2, and Thomas H Mareci2

1National Institute of Health, Bethesda, MD, United States, 2University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, United States, 3The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, United States

Methods are needed to non-invasively measure in vivo very slow flows, which govern many important physiological processes like brain glymphatic flow. In this study, a new stimulated echo-based phase contrast MRI sequence, robust to phase errors induced by gradient hardware, is used to measure 3D flows as slow as 1 μm/s. The method was validated using a controlled pipe flow experiment. In the absence of induced flow, the method revealed unusual natural convection flows in a water filled tube placed in a wide-bore magnet. The method may be applied to measure important slow flows in vivo.

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