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Abstract #0804

Feasibility of Thermo-Acoustic Ultrasound for Non-invasive Monitoring of Temperature at Lead Tips During MRI

Neerav Dixit1, John Pauly1, and Greig Scott1

1Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, United States

The amplification of local SAR at device lead tips that causes RF-induced heating has previously been shown to be detectable using thermo-acoustic ultrasound (TAUS). Due to the temperature dependence of the thermal expansion coefficient in tissue, the thermo-acoustic pressure generated at a lead tip is a function of the temperature at the lead tip. By observing how the TAUS signal amplitude changes over time, real-time tracking of lead tip temperature during an MRI scan should be possible. Here, we experimentally demonstrate the temperature-dependence of the TAUS signal, showing the feasibility of TAUS for temperature monitoring at lead tips during MRI.

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