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Abstract #1179

Multi-Point 5D Flow MRI - Accelerated Cardiac- and Respiratory-Motion Resolved Mapping of Mean and Turbulent Velocities in 4 Minutes

Jonas Walheim1, Hannes Dillinger1, and Sebastian Kozerke1

1Institute for Biomedical Engineering, University and ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

This work presents a framework for respiratory motion-resolved multi-point 4D Flow MRI (MP 5D Flow MRI) of mean and turbulent velocities in 4 minutes using a combination of Cartesian Golden angle undersampling, data-driven motion detection and locally low-rank imaging reconstruction. In an imaging study with 9 volunteers, 7-point 5D Flow MRI was compared to a standard, navigator-gated 4-point 4D Flow MRI parallel imaging protocol. Results demonstrate that flow fields from MP 5D Flow MRI in end-expiration agree well with 4D Flow MRI data while scan time was reduced by a factor of 4.5. In addition, MP 5D Flow MRI provides higher accuracy for low velocities and allows assessing TKE over a larger dynamic range compared to 4D Flow MRI.

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