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Abstract #1452

Optimization of 4-Port Asymmetric Elliptical Birdcage RF Coil for 1.5 Tesla MRI

Suchit Kumar1, Jeong-Hee Kim2, Heung-Kyu Lee3, and Chang-Hyun Oh1,4,5,6

1Department of Biomicrosystem Technology, Korea University, Seoul, Korea, Republic of, 23Research Institute for Advanced Industrial Technology, Korea University, Sejong City, Korea, Republic of, 3Coretech Co., Ltd., Gyeonggi-do, Korea, Republic of, 4Department of Electronics and Information Engineering, Korea University, Sejong City, Korea, Republic of, 5ICT Convergence Technology Team for Health & Safety, Korea University, Sejong City, Korea, Republic of, 6Corresponding Author,, Seoul, Korea, Republic of

The elliptical whole-body radiofrequency (RF) coil can be used for RF transmission/reception in magnetic resonance (MR)-guided treatment or MR-fused system with space between the RF shield and the gradient coil available for other imaging/treatment modality. The elliptical birdcage has higher B1+ field uniformity than circular birdcage due to increased filling factor between the RF coil and target. In this work, the asymmetric elliptical birdcage is proposed to improve overall performance through electromagnetic simulations. This work compares the 2-port and 4-port excitations and their effects on B1+ field uniformity and SAR deposition for both circular and elliptical coil with symmetrical/asymmetrical structures.

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