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Development and Test of an Optimized  8TX/16RX  Array for Ultra-High Resolution Ex-Vivo Myocardial Tissue Characterization with 7T MRI  :   Initial Experience  and Quality Assessment.

Maxim Terekhov1, Ibrahim A. Elabyad1, David Lohr1, Maria R. Stefanescu1, and Laura Maria Schreiber1

1Chair of Cellular and Molecular Imaging, Comprehensive Heart Failure Center, University Hospital Wuerzburg, Wuerzburg, Germany

The MRI measurements of the excised hearts providing stable “ground truth” high resolution images are important part of cardiac MRI at ultra-high field. We report the initial results of testing an in-house developed multiple element transceiver array (mTA) with parallel transmit support optimized for submillimeter spatial resolution ex-vivo heart tissue characterization MRI at 7T. The array testing included SNR, B1-shimming, g-factor, T2* and DTI mapping with high parallel imaging acceleration factors. The designed 8TX/16RX array demonstrated high efficiency of both TX and RX properties for (ultra)high ex-vivo myocardial tissue characterization imaging at 7T with essential superiority to a commercial 1TX/32RX coil.

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