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Abstract #1514

Homogenous 64-channel RF transmit array for brain imaging at 7T, 9.4T, and 10.5T

Tales Santini1, Sossena Wood1, Howard J. Aizenstein1, and Tamer S. Ibrahim1

1University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, United States

In this work, a 64-channel Tic-Tac-Toe (TTT) transmits array is simulated (with a realistic tuning and matching method) for three field strengths. Phase-only RF shimming was performed to access the array performance. In the whole brain excluding the cerebellum, the coefficient of variation (CV)=15.6%/20.9%/25.0%, Max/Min=3.17/6.29/5.84, for an average B1+=7.47/5.34/3.78μT/√kW at 7T/9.4T/10.5T field strengths, respectively. With these shimming cases, the array presented an average SAR=1.67/2.56/2.72 W/kg for 2μT and SAR efficiency=1.55/1.25/1.21μT/√(W/kg) at 7T/9.4T/10.5T, respectively. The peak SAR=5.35/9.49/10.76W/kg for 2μT at 7T/9.4T/10.5T, respectively. The 64-channel TTT array is capable of producing homogenous B1+ and low levels of SAR for UHF human MRI.

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