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Triple Tuned 6-element Asymmetric Mode Ladder-Resonator/Transceive-Array for Thoracic Imaging of 19F/1H at 1.5T and 129Xe/19F at 3T

Adam Maunder1, Graham Norquay1, Oliver I Rodgers1, Fraser Robb1,2, Madhwesha Rao1, and Jim Wild1

1Unit of Academic Radiology, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom, 2GE Healthcare Inc., Aurora, OH, United States

A 6-element triple-tuned asymmetric mode ladder-resonator/transceive-array was constructed in order to allow direct field strength comparisons of 19F/1H imaging at 3T and 1.5T using the same coil geometry, and to compare 129Xe and 19F imaging at 3T. The designed array is the first instance of triple-tuning a coil by replacing tuning capacitors with LC networks to provide the equivalent reactance needed for coil tuning at three Larmor frequencies (35MHz, 60MHz and 120MHz). Details on construction and simulation are provided and phantom imaging performed for 19F/1H at 1.5T and 19F at 3T, as well as in-vivo imaging of hyperpolarized 129Xe at 3T, demonstrate the functionality of the coil.

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