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Abstract #2411

Full 3D ky-kz-kx GRAPPA reconstruction of SMS MB EPI

Chan Hong Moon1, Hoby P. Hetherington 1, and Jullie W. Pan2

1Radiology, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, United States, 2Neurology, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, United States

EPI with sub-second sampling rates is essential for fMRI to increase tSNR and filter out physiological noise. Simultaneous multiple slice (SMS)-EPI using multi-band (MB) slice excitation has been successfully applied to acquire whole brain fMRI data in < 1s. However, the reconstruction of SMS-EPI remains in separate 2D/1D GRAPPA or partial 3D GRAPPA in ky-kz’-kx domains. To further increase acquisition speed, TR< 500ms, higher k-space dimensional GRAPPA can be used to improve reconstruction performance, e.g. increase SNR and decrease aliasing artifacts. To meet this need we developed a full 3D ky-kz-kx GRAPPA reconstruction for SMS-EPI validated it by simulation and experiment at 7T.

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