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Abstract #4340

A Static Susceptibility Model for MR Images Enhanced by Targeted Magnetic Nanoparticles to Accurately Measure Glomerular Volume in Rat Kidneys

Edwin J Baldelomar1 and Kevin M Bennett2

1Physics, University of Hawaii at Manoa, HONOLULU, HI, United States, 2Radiology, Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO, United States

It is believed that under nephron loss, remaining nephrons compensate by undergoing hypertrophy to maintain a constant filtration surface area and thus maintain homeostasis in GFR. Yet, there are no tools in the clinical setting to measure nephron endowment or glomerular size distribution. Here we used CFE-MRI, a good indicator of nephron number, and a classical model of static susceptibility to accurately measure glomerulus size in the kidneys of rats.

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