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Abstract #4510

Correction for Geometric Distortion in Bipolar Gradient Echo Images from $$$B_0$$$ Field Variations

Korbinian Eckstein1, Siegfried Trattnig1, and Simon Daniel Robinson1

1High Field Magnetic Resonance Center, Department of Biomedical Imaging and Image-Guided Therapy, Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria

In bipolar multi-echo gradient echo imaging, signal is acquired during positive and negative readout gradients, giving an efficiency advantage over monopolar imaging in which no signal is acquired during “fly-back”/rewind periods. This increased acquisition efficiency allows higher resolution, shorter echo spacing or increased SNR. In bipolar acquisitions, however, $$$B_0$$$-related distortion along the readout axis occurs in opposite directions for odd and even echoes, leading to blurring when images from echoes are combined. We show that a simple unwarping scheme, based on $$$B_0$$$ field maps derived from the multi-echo data themselves, is effective in correcting this effect in multi-echo SWI.

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