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Abstract #0907

A robust shimming method for in vivo abdominal mice studies based on ultrafast pulse sequences

Qingjia Bao1, Ricardo Martinho 1, and Lucio Frydman1
1Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel

A challenge in functional, diffusivity and spectroscopic MRI studies of mouse body regions is B0 inhomogeneity, especially at ultrahigh fields. To map and correct these DB0s, phase difference images are usually acquired using gradient echo sequences. These, however, are hard to obtain with good quality in abdominal studies due to motion artifacts. In this study we report a fully automated 3D map-based shimming method based on an ultrafast sequence that can overcome these artifacts, delivering optimal B0 homogeneity over the targeted ROIs. This technique is exemplified with mice studies at 15.2T, where its usefulness and reproducibility is demonstrated.

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