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Abstract #1283

B0 Shim Array Integrated into a Solenoid TRX Coil for Localized B0 in Permanent Magnet Scanners

Rafael Limgenco Calleja1, Celine Jeyda Veys1, and Michael Lustig1
1Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, United States

Low-to-mid field systems have nearly been abandoned for high-field, high-performance systems. However, recent improvements in MR hardware, algorithms and computation are stimulating a resurgence in interest of upgrading lower-end magnets to achieve high-performance at significantly lower cost, improved accessibility, portability and siting. Here, we look at upgrading a wrist/animal 1T permanent-magnet system. We integrate a simple B0 array into a solenoid TRX coil for reducing B0 through localized targeted shimming. We demonstrate potential for improved field homogeneity with simulations, and demonstrate homogeneity improvements using a 6-channel prototype array with negligible effects on the transmit field and received SNR.

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