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Abstract #2176

Auto-calibrated simultaneous multi-slice cardiac bSSFP Cine MRI using gradient temporal modulation

Yuan Zheng1, Lele Zhao2, Zhongqi Zhang2, Zhehao Zhang2, Xingxian Shou1, Haojie Li3, Jian Xu1, Weiguo Zhang1, Lu Huang3, and Liming Xia3
1UIH America, Houston, TX, United States, 2United Imaging Healthcare, Shanghai, China, 3Tongji Hospital, Wuhan, China

Simultaneous multi-slice (SMS) imaging is an efficient MRI technique that better preserves SNR than conventional parallel imaging (PI). However, single-band images usually need to be acquired to provide references for slice-unaliasing, causing an untrivial scan time overhead in some scenarios. We extended a recently reported self-calibrated SMS imaging strategy based on RF phase modulation, and propose using gradient temporal modulation to achieve auto-calibrated SMS bSSFP, which avoids the bSSFP banding shift and is preferred in cardiac Cine due to its contrast and intrinsically high SNR. In-plane PI can also be incorporated with shared auto-calibration.

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