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Whole Heart High-Order B0 Shimming at 3T Using a UNIfied Coil (UNIC) for RF receive and shimming

Hsin-Jung Yang1, John Stager1, Linda Azab1, Waishing Liu1, Meng Lu1, Yuheng Huang1, Ghazal Yoosefian1, Skyler Selvin1, Richard Handelin1, Yujie Shan1, Fardad Michael Serry1, Yibin Xie1, Anthony Christodoulou1, Xiaoming Bi1, Rohan Dharmakumar1, Debiao Li1, and Hui Han1
1Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA, United States

B0-field inhomogeneity caused by tissue-air interface has been a long standing challenge in high field(>=3T) cardiac MRI. Although high-order shimming methods has been proposed in recent publications using surface shimming coils, the shimming capability in deep tissue, such as the heart, is still limited due to the restrained current amplitudes and the geometry constraints of the receiving loops. In this study, we developed a cardiac high-order shimming coil based on a novel coil decoupling design to overcome the aforementioned limitations. We demonstrated the developed coil can successfully reduce B0 field variation by 50% in the whole-heart in healthy human volunteers.

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