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3D amide proton transfer MR imaging of kidney: a feasibility study

Nan Wang1, Ailian Liu1, Jiazheng Wang2, Zhiwei Shen2, Qingwei Song1, Renwang Pu1, Bingbing Gao1, and Lihua Chen1
1The First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University, Dalian, China, 2Philips Healthcare, Beijing, China

MRI imaging is a radiographic imaging technology widely used in human body. The application of MRI at the molecular level had became a hot research topic in the near future. 3D amide proton transfer weighted(APTw) MR imaging is a new contrast-agent-free MRI technique that addresses the need for a more confident diagnosis in oncology[1,2]. The APTw was widely used in the nervous system. Recently, The APTw was gradually applied to the abdomen[3,4]. At present, there is no related research reported on renal APT imaging.

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