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The influence of the knee position on vTE-T2* values of patellar- and quadriceps tendon measured at 3T and 7T

Benedikt Hager1,2, Markus M. Schreiner3, Vladimir Mlynarik1, Vladimir Juras1, Xeni Deligianni4,5, Oliver Bieri4,5, Reinhard Windhager3, and Siegfried Trattnig1,2
1Department of Biomedical Imaging and Image-guided Therapy, High Field MR Centre, Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria, 2CD Laboratory for Clinical Molecular MR Imaging, Vienna, Austria, 3Department of Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery, Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria, 4Department of Radiology, Division of Radiological Physics, University of Basel Hospital, Basel, Switzerland, 5Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Basel, Allschwil, Switzerland

In our study in which we used a variable echo-time sequence for T2*-mapping of tendons in vivo at 3T and 7T, we showed that even small changes in the knee position in the knee coil can lead to significant changes in the T2*-values of the patellar tendon and quadriceps tendon. We have also shown that the T2*-values of the tendons correlate well with the angle of the bulk of the collagen fibers to the magnetic field. Based on these results, we recommend that for T2*-mapping it is important to examine the tendon in exactly the same position in the follow-up.

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