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Glutamate, GABA and Excitatory/Inhibitory Ratios observed by Short-TE STEAM proton MRS measurements of young healthy subjects at 7T.

Tomohisa Okada1, Koji Fujimoto1, Dinh Ha Duy Thuy1, Hideto Kuribayashi2, Yuta Urushibata2, Ravi Teja Seethamraju3, Sinyeob Ahn4, and Tadashi Isa1
1Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan, 2Siemens Healthcare K.K., Tokyo, Japan, 3Siemens Healthineers USA, Burlington, MA, United States, 4Siemens Healthineers USA, Berkeley, CA, United States

Relationship between glutamate and GABA as well as their regional differences have not been much investigated. Focused on the posterior cingulate cortex (PCC), the primary motor area (M1) and the primary visual area (V1), this study found significantly higher glutamate concentration and E/I ratios at PCC than others, whereas GABA concentration was significantly higher at V1 than others. Region-wise correlation analysis between glutamate and GABA found statistically significant correlation only at M1 (r = 0.69, p = 0.0005). These differences may reflect difference in functional status at rest, but further investigation is required to clarify the reasons.

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