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Open-source Python package for spiral off-resonance correction

Marina Manso Jimeno1,2, Sairam Geethanath1,2, and John Thomas Vaughan Jr.1,2
1Columbia University, New York, NY, United States, 2Columbia Magnetic Resonance Research Center (CMRRC), New York, NY, United States

Off-resonance blurring is one of the challenges with long read-out trajectories such as spirals. Existent techniques deblur the images by demodulating k-space data with the conjugate term of the phase accumulated from off-resonant spins. Continuous and frequency-segmented CPR and Multi-Frequency Interpolation are some examples. This work is aimed at sharing an open-source package for off-resonance correction, demonstrating on spiral datasets. The methods have been tested on simulations, in vitro and in vivo and show promising preliminary results. We believe that the availability of this package will benefit the spiral imaging community.

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