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Abstract #3939

Applying Neurophysiologically-Informed Calcium Photometry Data as Regressor for Task-Free fMRI: An Analysis Pipeline.

Dirk Ernst Cleppien1, Felipe Aedo-Jury2, Miriam Schwalm3, and Albrecht Stroh2
1MAIC, German Resilience Center, Mainz, Germany, 2German Resilience Center, Mainz, Germany, 3Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, United States

We recently employed optically recorded slow oscillation-associated calcium waves as a linear regressor for simultaneously acquired task-free fMRI revealing a pan-cortical fMRI signature related to the active periods of the slow wave rhythm. Here, we provide a novel analysis pipeline for the synchronization of single events, as obtained by calcium photometry recordings, with fMRI scans usually requiring averaging over multiple trials. This synchronization poses unique problems, such as dealing with the inherent variability of the neurophysiological signal. The pipeline introduced here provides a step-by-step-approach within the framework of fast line scanning fMRI.

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