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Abstract #4022

Development and RF Shimming of an 8Tx/16Rx Antisymmetric Transceiver Coil Array for Parallel Transmit Cardiac MRI in Humans at 7T

Ibrahim A. Elabyad1, M. Terekhov1, and Laura M. Schreiber1
1Chair of Cellular and Molecular Imaging, Comprehensive Heart Failure Center (CHFC), University Hospital Wuerzburg, Wuerzburg, Germany

To develop and optimize an 8Tx/16Rx antisymmetric transceiver coil array with improved characteristic for static phase $$$B_1^+$$$-shimming and parallel receive for human cardiac MRI at 7T. The array design was based on antisymmetric loop configurations in 2-different directions (L/R and A/P). EM-simulations were carried out in phantom and 4-human models (Duke, Ella, Gustav, and Laura). $$$B_1^+$$$-shimming has been carried out for 16-elements with three different cost functions to improve $$$B_1^+$$$-field homogeneity, $$$Tx_{eff}$$$ and weighted combination of both within Duke and Ella models. The hardware and imaging performance of the antisymmetric array was validated through EM-simulations and phantom MR-measurements at 7T.

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