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An automatic tuning free pin diode shunt switch with artificial non-uniform transmission line λ/4 sections for receive only surface array coils. 

Miheer Pradeep Mayekar1, Rohit Apurva1, Bhaskara Naik1, and Rajesh Harsh1
1Technology Innovation Department, Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering and Research, Mumbai, India

The excessive high-power during transmission saturates or in worst case damages the preamplifier. In shunt switch an artificial (lumped component) uniform λ/4 section is inserted between two shunt diodes to increase its isolation. To restore the preamplifier-decoupling performance degraded by λ/4 section, it is required to add lossy tuning components e.g. varactor diodes to change the λ/4 section’s phase. We are proposing a pin-diode shunt RF switch with two lumped component non-uniform λ/4 sections which will maintain the preamplifier decoupling performance during reception sans complex tuning components and provides additional isolation of around 10-db as compared to uniform λ/4 sections.

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