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An 8-channel Loop Coil Array for Body Imaging Using Coupled Line Phase Shifters at 7T

Haiwei Chen1, Lei Guo1, Aurelien Destruel1, Mingyan Li1, Ewald Weber1, Feng Liu1, and Stuart Crozier1
1School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

A large-size loop coil suffers from the current phase inversion along the loop surface and therefore weak the current intensity at the phase inversion points. A new RF coil using coupled line phase shifters is presented for body imaging at 7T MRI. This design can retain an in-phase current along the loop when the perimeter is larger than 1.5$$$\lambda$$$ ($$$\lambda$$$ is the wavelength in free space). An 8-channel coil array using this new design is simulated and compared with a conventional loop array. The results indicate that improved $$$B^{+}_{1}$$$ shimming can be achieved in a large region of interest.

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