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Abstract #4102

Highly-Flexible Highly-Decoupled 1H RF Coils for MR imaging of the lungs as utilized within a 129Xe Transmit-Receive RF Coil at 1.5 T

Madhwesha Rama Rao1, Fraser J Robb1,2, Victor Taracila2, Weixing Zhang2, and Jim M Wild1
1University Of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom, 2GE Healthcare, Aurora, OH, United States

Flexibility of a RF coil constructed with flexible printed circuit board is reduced when it is co-housed with another RF coil, as typically applied for multinuclear MR imaging. In this work, for multinuclear 129Xe-1H lung imaging application, we propose to use highly-flexible multiple linked resonators for 1H RF coil along with 129Xe RF coil. These highly-flexible 1H RF coils are also highly-decoupled at 129Xe Larmor frequency. For the demonstration of multi-nuclear lung imaging, sixteen receive only highly-flexible highly-decoupled 1H RF coils were fixed on to a transmit-receive 129Xe RF coil, and 129Xe and 1H lung images were obtained.

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