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A Quintuple-Tuned RF Coil for Whole Brain Multi-Nuclei Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy at 7T

Jiying Dai1,2, Tijl A. van der Velden1, Johannes M. Hoogduin1, Fabian Bartel2, Ettore F Meliadò1,2, Mark van Uden2, Catalina S. Arteaga de Castro2, Evita C. Wiegers1, Martijn Froeling1, Mark Gosselink1, Alexander J. E. Raaijmakers1,3, and Dennis W. J. Klomp1,4
1Radiology, UMC Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands, 2Tesla Dynamic Coils, Zaltbommel, Netherlands, 3Biomedical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 4Tesla Engineering Ltd, West Sussex, United Kingdom

Multi-nuclei magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy are interesting techniques to study metabolism, treatment efficacy tracking, and early diagnoses of many diseases. However, there are challenges to acquire high-quality MR images or spectra of nuclei other than proton, for example, much lower signal level, as well as the inconvenience of switching RF hardware in between scans, which leads to repositioning of the subject and extra preparation time. To overcome the above issues, we developed a quintuple-tuned RF coil for sensitive whole-brain scans, targeting five nuclei: 1H, 19F, 31P, 23Na and 13C. Bench tests and in-vivo scans have shown promising SNR.

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