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Abstract #0511

BOLD fMRI and functional ultrasound comparisons in co-registered olfactory bulb sections of the same mice

Davide Boido1, Ali-Kémal Aydin2, Yannick Goulam Houssen2, Demené Charlie3, Mickael Tanter3, Serge Charpak2, and Luisa Ciobanu1
1NeuroSpin, CEA, Paris, France, 2Inserm - Institut de la Vision, Paris, France, 3Physics for Medicine, ESPCI, INSERM, CNRS, PSL Research University, Paris, France

Using UHF (17.2T) BOLD fMRI on the mouse Olfactory Bulb (OB) we recorded odor activation at high spatio-temporal resolution (0.17x0.17x0.3 mm; TR= 250ms). With 6% 1s odor application we found fast unimodal activations. Increasing odor concentration and duration (35% 5s) we revealed the second vascular component. Adding functional ultrasound (fUS) recordings from the co-registered OB coronal section, we could verify an overall good accordance in the dynamics of BOLD and fUS signals in small ROIs (< 0.5 mm^3), although evident differences were also found in some ROIs. We aim at highlighting the relationship between local vascular activity and BOLD fMRI.

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