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Abstract #0907

Arterial calcification imaging using ZTE on PET/MR

Edwin Eduard Gert Willem ter Voert1, Florian Wiesinger2, Graeme McKinnon3, Mathias Engström4, Jose Fernando de Arcos5, Marlena Hofbauer1, Ronny R Buechel1, and Philipp A Kaufmann1
1Department of Nuclear Medicine, University Hospital Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland, 2GE Healthcare, Munich, Germany, 3GE Healthcare, Milwaukee, WI, United States, 4GE Healthcare, Stockholm, Sweden, 5GE Healthcare, Little Chalfont, Amersham, United Kingdom

Calcifications in atherosclerotic plaques are possibly associated with worsened clinical prognosis. In contrast to the often-used CT for diagnosis, calcifications cannot easily be detected with MRI. As PET becomes a major complementary modality for MRI in plaque imaging, and as integrated PET/MR scanners become increasingly available, PET/MR based calcification screening methods are desired. With zero TE (ZTE) MR imaging it is possible to image short T2 tissues like bone. In the current study we demonstrate that ZTE imaging on PET/MR, combined with Deep Learning reconstructed ZTE, can likely be applied to detect calcifications in peripheral vasculature.

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