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Abstract #0978

Assessment of cardiac aging in naked mole-rats and mice using ultrasound and MRI

Emine Can1, Megan Smith1, Rochelle Buffenstein1, and Johannes Riegler1
1Calico Life Sciences LLC, South San Francisco, CA, United States

Naked mole-rats are extremely long-lived (>38 years) small (35-60g) rodents that show no increased risk of dying as they get older, implying that organ function is well-maintained throughout life. Using cardiac MRI, ultrasound and large cohorts of both mice and mole-rats we undertook a comprehensive comparative analysis of age-related changes in cardiovascular function over their lifespans. Unlike mice that show declines in most measurements of cardiac function and increased left ventricle wall thickness with age, we found naked mole-rats maintain cardiac function and functional cardiac reserve capacity well into their fourth decade of life.

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