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Abstract #1319

Distortionfree multishot 3D diffusion weighted turbo spin echo imaging using cartesian spiral acquisition and data rejection

Tim Schakel1, Tom Bruijnen1,2, and Marielle Philippens1
1Department of Radiotherapy, University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands, 2Computational Imaging Group for MRI diagnostics and therapy, Centre for Image Science, Utrecht, Netherlands

In this work a multishot 3D turbo spin echo (TSE) sequence is combined with a diffusion preparation module and a modified implementation of the cartesian spiral (CASPR) k-space sampling pattern. CASPR samples the center of k-space in each shot, providing redundancy and enabling self-navigated identification of corrupt data.

Using low resolution reconstructions per shot, weights are assigned for each shot enabling a soft-weighted compressed sense reconstruction.

Results are obtained in a phantom and healthy volunteers, demonstrating the feasibility in acquiring undistorted 3D diffusion images.

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