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Abstract #1322

Navigator-Free Submillimeter Diffusion MRI using Multishot-encoded Simultaneous Multi-slice (MUSIUM) Imaging

Wei-Tang chapel Chang1, Khoi Minh Huynh2, Pew-Thian Yap1, and Weili Lin2
1Radiology, UNC at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, United States, 2BRIC, UNC at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, United States

One major challenge in submillimeter dMRI is the inherently low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). to To address this issue, the simultaneous multislab (SMSlab) approaches were proposed but susceptible to slab boundary artifacts and require additional navigators for phase estimation. The gSlider sequences require relatively high RF power and peak amplitude, increasing SAR and complicating RF excitation. Here, we introduce a navigator-free approach called multishot-encoded simultaneous multi-slice (MUSIUM) imaging for enhanced SNR, low RF power and peak amplitude, and freedom from slab boundary artifacts.

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