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Abstract #2381

Real Time 4D flow MRI assessment of Low Frequency Oscillations in Large Intracranial Vessels at Rest and During Hypercapnia

Kathleen B Miller1, Leonardo A Rivera-Rivera1, Oliver Wieben1, Kevin M Johnson1, Sterling C Johnson1, and Jill N Barnes1
1University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, United States

Low frequency oscillations (LFOs) of cerebral vessels may be important indicators of aging and disease related changes to cerebral autoregulation and glymphatic clearance. Assessing LFOs during a vasodilatory stimulus, such as hypercapnia, may reveal age-associated changes not apparent at rest. This study utilized 3D radial sampling and local low-rank reconstruction of 4D flow MRI scans to achieve real time temporal resolution to assess LFOs. Preliminary results suggest that there were no hypercapnia or age-associated changes in LFOs in the large intracranial arteries; however, there were both age and hypercapnia effects on LFOs in the venous circulation.

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