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A custom MR-compatible data glove for fMRI of the human motor cortex at 7T

Shota Hodono1,2, Donald Maillet1, Jin Jin2,3, David Reutens1,2, and Martijn A. Cloos1,2
1Centre for Advanced Imaging, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, 2ARC Training Centre for Innovation in Biomedical Imaging Technology, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, 3Siemens Healthcare Pty Ltd, Brisbane, Australia

We present a custom-built MR-compatible data glove to capture hand motion during concurrent fMRI experiments at 7 Tesla, and demonstrate that the hand motion measurements can be used to construct subject-specific BOLD signal models for fMRI analysis. Thermal and phantom tests showed our data glove can be used safely without degradation of image quality. Subject-specific signal models were constructed based on recorded kinematic measurements, revealing the relative contribution flexing, extending, and sustained isotonic extension. The ability to evaluate subject performance in real-time and create subject-specific BOLD signal models enables a wide range of experimental paradigms with improved data quality.

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