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Abstract #2691

Dephasing the speaking brain: Cleaning covert sentence production activation maps with a phase-based fMRI data analysis

Iñigo De Vicente1, Eneko Uruñuela1, Maite Termenon1, and César Caballero-Gaudes1
1BCBL - Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language, Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain

Phase-based denoising methods in BOLD fMRI can remove signal contributions from large draining veins. Here, we investigate the performance of this methodology in a covert sentence production task, where part of the activations observed in the inferior frontal gyrus (e.g. Broca’s region) may reflect macrovascular effects from large perisylvian veins. We found significant signal denoising at the left pars orbitalis, a region in Broca’s area which is located next to the Sylvian fissure that thus contains macrovascular veins. Our results demonstrate that this method is efficient to remove undesired signal contributions and improve the spatial specificity of brain activation maps.

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