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Abstract #2708

Fractal-Based Analysis of Movie Watching vs. Eyes-Open Resting State Reveals Widespread Differences in fMRI Signal Complexity

Olivia Lauren Campbell1, Tamara Vanderwal1, and Alexander Mark Weber1
1University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Previous studies of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) have found that the ‘resting-state’ is more fractal than task performance. Investigating the behaviour of brain signals under naturalistic conditions, we performed fractal analysis of 7T fMRI data (n=55) under movie-watching (Movie; 10mins) and eyes-open with fixation-cross (Rest; 10mins) conditions. Compared to Rest, Movie, the more natural stimulus, showed greater fractal scaling in all three regions analyzed: whole-brain greymatter (adj_p.=0.014, Cohen’s_D=0.34), default mode network (adj_p.=2.55x10-8, Cohen’s_D=0.90), and visual network (adj_p.=6.44x10-10, Cohen’s_D=1.05), reflecting the endogenous scale-invariant state of the brain.

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