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Abstract #3534

Dispersing FID artifact uniformly by modulating phase of 180 degrees pulse of Spin Echo sequence with quadratic function.

Kosuke Ito1 and Atsushi Kuratani1
1Healthcare Business Unit, Hitachi, Ltd., Kashiwa, Japan

T1 weighted image is acquired using Spin Echo sequence in almost clinical routine practices. FID signal induced by 180 degrees pulse causes zipper artifact at the center of the image. To move the artifact to the edge of the image, the phase of RF pulse is controlled as 0 and 180 degrees alternately. However, higher parallel imaging factor cannot be applied due to the FID artifact still exist at the edge of FOV. In this study, FID artifact was dispersed uniformly by modulating phase of 180 degrees pulse with quadratic function, and higher parallel imaging factor was applied in vivo.

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