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Abstract #3927

The visualization of the saccule and utricle with non-contrast-enhanced FLAIR sequence.

Hikaru Fukutomi1, Xavier Barreau2, Lydia Hamitouche2, Takayuki Yamamoto1, Laurent Denat1, Bei Zhang3, Lijun Zhang4, Bruno Triaire5, Valentin Prevost5, Vincent Dousset1,2, and Thomas Tourdias1,2
1Institut de Bio-imagerie IBIO, Université de Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France, 2CHU de Bordeaux, Neuroimagerie diagnostique et thérapeutique, Bordeaux, France, 3Canon Medical Systems Europe, Zoetermeer, Netherlands, 4Canon Medical Systems China, Beijing, China, 5Canon Medical Systems Corporation, Tochigi, Japan

Delayed post-gadolinium FLAIR can delineate peri- and endo-lymphatic spaces to capture endolymphatic hydrops, the pathological counterpart of Ménière’s disease. However, the four hours delay between injection and acquisition is a burden for patients and staff. No previous work has proposed a satisfying delineation of inner ear internal anatomy without injection yet. This study presents step-by-step 3D-FLAIR optimizations with specific T2 preparation and inversion time to maximize the contrast between peri- and endo-lymphatic spaces. We showed that optimized 3D-FLAIR sequence allowed delineating saccule and utricle in healthy volunteers without injection, paving the way toward future application to diagnose Meniere disease.

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