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Abstract #1197

Measurement of magnetic fringe fields from a proton pencil beam scanning nozzle causing MR image ghosting artefacts during in-beam MR imaging

Ekaterina Semioshkina1, Bradley M. Oborn2, and Aswin L. Hoffmann1
1Institute of Radiooncology – OncoRay, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden – Rossendorf, Dresden, Germany, 2Centre for Medical Radiation Physics (CMRP), University of Wollongong, Wollongong, Australia


Proton therapy (PT) is expected to benefit from real-time MRI guidance. However, the integration of MRI and PT is challenging due to the interaction between the magnetic fringe fields of the PT beamline and the B0-field of the MR scanner. In this study, we measured the magnetic fringe field of the PT beamline. The measurement data will be used to validate a finite element model. With a match to this model, we can proceed to investigate what type of magnetic shielding solution would be needed to decouple the magnetic fields of the PT and MRI systems.

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