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Abstract #1417

Improved Modelling of ADC Distributions makes Therapeutic co-clinical Trials possible with very small animal numbers

Paul Tar1, N.A. Thacker2, M. Babur2, G. Lipowska-Bhalla2, S. Cheung2, R. Little2, K.J. Williams2, and J.P.B. O'Connor2
1Cancer, University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom, 2University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom


In oncology, preclinical experiments using MRI often evaluate spatially complex and heterogeneous tumor micro-environments which have non-Gaussian data and small sample sizes, with cohorts typically of 10 animals or less. As a consequence, conventional use of t-tests that evaluate distribution parameters such as means and percentiles can be ineffective. Further, the cohort-level nature of such analyses also limits investigations to groups of tumors rather than identifying individually responding tumors. In contrast, Linear Poisson Modelling (LPM) enables quantitative analysis of complex data, can operate in small data domains and can also provide per-tumor assessments 2.ideal for co-clinical trials.

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