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Abstract #1614

SNR Enhancement of MR Images with Variable Compress Sensed Excitation: vNEX

Harsh Kumar Agarwal1, Shaik Ahmed1, Rajagopalan Sundaresan1, Sudhanya Chatterjee1, Sajith Rajamani1, Ashok Kumar P Reddy1, Bhairav Mehta1, Dattesh Shanbhag1, and Ramesh Venkatesan1
1GE Healthcare, Bangalore, India


MR imaging is signal starve leading to long acquisition time. Multiple averaging/excitation is most common way to boost the SNR. However, it is associated with proportionately long scan time. This abstract presents Variable Compress Sensed Excitation (vNEX) image acquisition and image reconstruction technique which subsample each signal average by compressed sensing fast MRI technique and robust image reconstruction is done to reconstruct MRI images for individual signal averages. The proposed technique is demonstrated for T2w brain MRI where SNR equivalence of 336sec scan time is shown in a 200sec vNEX MRI. Three sampling patterns were proposed and statistically compared.

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