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Scan acceleration by oversampling in a 70 mT MRI scanner

Fernando Galve1,2, José Miguel Algarín1,2, Teresa Guallart3, Rubén Pellicer4, Eduardo Pallás1,2, José Manuel González3, Yolanda Vives3, Rubén Bosch3, Guillermo López1,2, Juan Pablo Rigla3, José Borreguero3, Alfonso Ríos3, José María Benlloch1,2, and Joseba Alonso1,2
1MRILab, Institute for Molecular Imaging and Instrumentation (i3M), Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Valencia, Spain, 2MRILab, Institute for Molecular Imaging and Instrumentation (i3M), Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), Valencia, Spain, 3Tesoro Imaging SL, Valencia, Spain, 4Physio MRI SL, Valencia, Spain


Here we present accelerated images by PhasE-Constrained Over Sampled (PECOS) MRI in our home-made Halbach MRI scanner (70 mT). We show projection images of a phantom obtained in our “PhysioMRI” scanner (Fig. 1(a)), a home-made scanner designed for musculoskeletal imaging at low field strengths. We use cartesian turbo spin echo (TSE) sequence to sample the k-space. Image reconstructions are performed by phase conjugate reconstruction and by PECOS.

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