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Abstract #1896

Investigating the effect of reduced TR in detection of RSNs at a low field MR scanner

Arjama Halder1, Demetrius Riberio de Paula2, William Handler3,4, Andrea Soddu3, and Blaine A Chronik1,3,4
1Medical Biophysics, Western University, London, ON, Canada, 2Radbound University, Nijmegen, Netherlands, 3Physics and Astronomy, Western University, London, ON, Canada, 4xMR Labs, London, ON, Canada


Initial investigation of effects due to reduced TR on RSNs at a 0.5 T MR scanner. There was a decrease in detected regions within specific networks for the 3 T data as TR was reduced. However, when the tSNR was approximately 17 ignoring the expected decrement of detected regions compared to the 3 T data, there was an increase in positive detection at shorter TR. These result show the possibility of extracting true RSNs for a low field scanner using shorter TRs which can lead to efficient sequence design since T1 is shortened at low fields.

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