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A multinuclear 4-channel 2H loop and 4-channel 1H microstrip array coil for human head MRS/MRI at 7T

Xin Li1, Matt Waks1, Hannes M. Wiesner1, Soo Han Soon1, Xiao-Hong Zhu1, and Wei Chen1
1Center for Magnetic Resonance Research (UMN), Minneapolis, MN, United States


A 4-channel 2H loop and 4-channel 1H microstrip head array coil with improved MRS/MRI sensitivity and imaging coverage for a human-head-like lightbulb phantom at 7T is reported. Each of the 4 2H coils is a 22cmx14cm loop, providing excellent penetration of 2H MRS signal. The 2H loops are decoupled by multiple techniques including inductive decoupling circuits and geometric overlapping, providing S12~-20dB between any pair of 2H loop coils. The majority of measured signal-to-noise ratio of the water signal originating from the natural abundance HDO content are above 100 for the voxel size of 1.7 cc.

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