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Abstract #0004

The Combination of 2D SENSE and 2D Partial Fourier Homodyne Reconstruction: Achieving Acceleration Factors Greater Than the Number of Coils

Hu H, Madhuranthakam A, Haider C, Kruger D, Huston III J, Campeau N, Glockner J, Riederer S
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

Sensitivity encoding (SENSE) and 1D partial Fourier (PF) techniques accelerate MR acquisitions by collecting reduced k-space data. This work introduces a modified elliptical centric trajectory that combines 2D-SENSE and 2D-PF with homodyne reconstruction to improve resolution and speed performance in 3D contrast-enhanced MR angiography. Acceleration factor exceeding the number of coils are reliably achieved. Using four coils, seven-fold accelerated 19-second acquisitions with 2D SENSE-PF consistently yields diagnostic-quality angiograms with 1-mm resolution in the lower legs. Additional studies were performed using an eight-channel array in intracranial venography, where a whole-brain volume with 1-mm isotropic resolution is acquired in under 60 seconds.