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Abstract #0005

Artifact Reduction in undersampled BLADE/PROPELLER MRI by k-space extrapolation using parallel imaging

Blaimer M, Barkauskas K, Kannengiesser S, Breuer F, Jakob P, Duerk J, Griswold M
University Hospitals of Cleveland and Case Western Reserve University

BLADE (a.k.a., PROPELLER) MRI is an efficient acquisition and reconstruction technique that allows motion correction. However, the scan time is increased compared to conventional imaging. Recently, k-space undersampled BLADE MRI was proposed for reducing the imaging time. However, this method introduces image artifacts. Here, we present a reconstruction approach that allows one to reduce these artifacts. It is based on a k-space extrapolation of acquired data using the parallel GRAPPA-Operator technique. Unlike other approaches incorporating parallel imaging, this method is totally self-calibrated and can still be combined with conventional parallel imaging to provide even further reductions in imaging time.