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Abstract #0030

Measurement of Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow in the Aqueduct of a Rat Model of Hydrocephalus

Wagshul M, Hazel R, Benveniste H, Yu M, McCormack E, Li J, Miller J, McAllister II J, Egnor M
Stony Brook University

We demonstrate the use of a phase contrast balanced steady state free precession pulse sequence for the measurement of pulsatile flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the cerebral aqueduct of control rats, and new rat model of communicating hydrocephalus. Peak flow velocity is two times greater in the hydrocephalus rat compared to a control rat, and the stroke volume is five times greater compared to the control. The ability to make quantitative measures of CSF flow in the rat makes it possible to study CSF flow dynamics during the development of hydrocephalus and to test theoretical models of intracranial dynamics.